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When the weekend came up, I wanted to do something different with my friends.. Instead of opting for our usual movie plans, eating out or shopping we decided to make a visit to a tiny village that I had heard so much about. After a leisurely breakfast, my friends and I trooped into the car and drove to the village (which was approx 25 kms from the Bangalore International Airport). 

As we neared our location, the first thing we noticed was the feel of fresh air and wide open spaces filled with greenery. We were glad that the roads were smooth as we had a pleasant and comfortable drive.  

On reaching the village, we were met by Mr. Srinivas, an English speaking school teacher who was to take us around and serve as our interpreter for the day. Our first stop was the Village Dairy Cooperative, where we interacted with the President of the Milk Dairy, Mr. P M Narayan, who has been heading this cooperative for 20 years! We had fun talking to him and learnt about how the milk was collected from the farmers and what made this cooperative a profit centre!

After saying our goodbyes to Mr. Narayan, we went for a short walk to the Shiva temple which was just 5 minutes away from the cooperative. It was a very simple and unassuming stone structure and contained just a single Shiva Linga (adorned with a fresh white flower when we visited), Nandi and a couple of sculpted panels. It was lovely to spend some time sitting around and letting the calm air permeate our souls.

Maintaining this lovely state of mind, we continued to take a leisurely walk to the neighbouring vineyards. We were lucky when we visited, for the grapes weren’t harvested yet and the vineyards were filled with lush green and purple grapes. 

As we were looking around, the owner of the vineyard came up to us and picked several bunches of grapes and offered it to us to munch on, as we went further inside the vineyard. Teaming with grapes, the vineyard formed a wonderful canopy over our heads and it almost felt like we were transported into a magical land. 

Though it seemed like grapes were what was being predominantly grown, there were some other cultivations such as Chilli, Mulberry (for their silk worm unit) and Indian Roses. We leisurely walked around and rested under some trees, marvelling at what a different life the villagers lead. It seemed to be a world of simple and holistic living, where people and nature existed in perfect harmony..

We then proceeded to visit a silk worm unit where we watched the worms feasting on Mulberry leaves. We also went to another room to see how they are put into a unique basket where the mature worms start making their cocoons. There were a few villagers there who urged us to try our hand at putting the worms into the basket. Though we were all reluctant at first, a few of us managed to do that and surprisingly the worms didn’t feel slimy at all! They just tickled a bit :)

After that we sipped on some tender coconut (which we had village style: straight from the coconut – without a straw or glass) as we waited for our ride back to our luncheon place. The bullock cart soon made an appearance and we happily enjoyed the ride, feeling like we were in the scene of a rural movie.

We then had our fill of some yummy village food served on a banana leaf while enjoying the cool breeze and amazing view. We also purchases some farm fresh vegetables and fruit produce from the village to carry back home to our families. 

We really enjoyed this unique trip and would love to arrange it for you. This short time away from the hustle and bustle of the city will re-energise you and the fresh air and simple folks will lighten your lungs and heart :) Do get in touch with us for more details.

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Dera Village Retreat
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When my friend from Seattle had come to India for a visit, we decided to visit Agra & a few places in Rajasthan to give her a flavor of our beautiful country. After we finished our Agra trip, we drove from there towards a place called Dera Village Retreat (in a village called Kalakho) that I had wanted to check out for some time now.

On the way, we stopped at the Abhaneri step wells. It is one of the oldest stepwell in Rajasthan, and is considered to be among the biggest in the world.  However, this Chand Baori looks like anything but a well! This incredible square structure is 13 stories deep with beautiful steps and my friend was stunned by this unique architecture.

We then continued to drive for a short distance and found ourselves in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Aravali ranges. As we drove through the paddy fields, we were looking forward to our stay in the in the valley so peacefully away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We suddenly saw a green Oasis loom in front of our eyes and noticed some of the retreat staff waiting to welcomes us with a garland, a much needed cold towel and a refreshing welcome drink.

After a warm welcome, we were shown to our tastefully decorated cottages surrounding a beautifully manicured garden. It had all the amenities to make our stay comfortable. After we freshened up, my friend and I lunched at the charming Gol Ghar (dining area) and were served a sumptuous meal.

We decided to rest in our room for a while as we were tried after our journey. After a quick siesta and tea that was set up in the garden (where we enjoyed variety of bird sightings), we departed for our camel safari to the village inhabited by the Meena tribals. The joy and spirit of rustic life was palpable in the lively faces of the village folks.  Here, in many ways, time has stood still and globalization has had little impact. They were very eager to share their life with us and we enjoyed our time with them.

We returned to the retreat to enjoy an evening with the troupe of dancers from the nearby village performing around the bonfire.  Their dresses were so colorful and it looked beautiful in the setting sun. The dancers welcomed our participation and my friend enjoyed dancing with them completely letting go of her inhibitions.


In the morning, we decided to go hiking on the hills and enjoy nature up-close. I also took a cycle trip around the valley. The bird life was beautiful and we were so enthralled by the beauty of the place that we even got late for breakfast! We quickly finished our breakfast and bid goodbye to our new found friends at the retreat to drive towards Jaipur to continue our adventure.

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