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Sun, Sand & Sea - Greece
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Aquamarine coastline, sun – bleached ancient ruins and some of the most hospitable people on the globe – Greeks take pride on their hospitality and cuisine. Greece is an ideal place for tourists as it ia visitor friendly destination throughout the year.

Athens –the historical capital of Europe has a large part of town converted into 3 kilometers of pedestrian zone to visit the archeological sites.  The Sacred site of Acropolis is among the most important sites in the world of architecture and arts. There are plenty of sites and panoramic views from these humongous sites of the city and the sea.

The historic tour doesn’t end in Athens but also extends to the neighboring city named Plaka. A walk through the narrow labyrinthine street lined with houses, mansions and antique shops is truly mesmerizing and takes back to the ancient times.

The Greek monasteries are located on steep rocks and cliffs around lush green valley. They played an important role in protecting the Greek history preserving the language, art and ancient manuscripts.

The islands in Greece are scattered around the Aegean and Ionian seas and have a unique phenomenon for the continent of Europe. A coastline of 16,000km and diversified in different landscape like sandy beaches with sand dunes, pebble beaches, coastal wetlands and volcanic soil.  Mykonos consists of stylish bars, restaurants and shops.

Santorini is famous for its spectacular sunsets and especially from the village Oia where the view is completely uninterrupted.  The crater in Santorini is the largest in the World and some stretch of the beach one may find black soil with black pebbles due to volcanic nature of the island. There are marvelous rock formations around the place.

Greece maintains the balance of past, present and future. One can encounter thought provoking modern art beside stumbling museums, live music and serene atmosphere in the most unexpected places.

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True Asian delight
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Towering skyscrapers, rugged mountains, sandy beaches, highland hideaways and the rainforests make Malaysia a perfect holiday destination ,full of surprises. Kuala Lumpur is a cyber – city where historic temples and mosques rub shoulders with space age towers and shopping malls.

The 30 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur (for a half day tour) to Batu Caves and the Indian Temple gives us an idea of the diversity of races and religions in Malaysia. Climb the 272 steps up to the caves and the temple housing a Hindu shrine lined with different deities.

Genting Highlands is Malaysia’s biggest theme park with more than 40 rides full of fun and excitement for everyone. The site has the famous Chin Swee Cave Temple attracting a lot of devotees from Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Visitors can opt to enjoy the Genting Skyway cable car ride to reach the mountains around Genting Highlands in 11 minutes. The park is also Asia’s Best International Casino Resort.

One and a half hours away on a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi island is known as the Jewel of Kedah. If one wishes to have an intimidate intimate time with nature, choose the optional trekking tours through the pristine rainforests. One also has an option of going on a boat tour of the mangroves, scuba diving or walk through the tunnel to the underwater world leading to a giant aquarium.

Mount Kinabalu is a granite massif which took million of years to form. It was a thrust which later moved upwards through the crust of the surface. With such interesting geological history, the mountains can be reached through Kinabalu Park. It is located at 1,585metres above sea level and acts as an entrance to Mount Kinabalu. There is an ethereal feel to the place. The varied landscapes, visitor attractions and being a bubbly bustling melting pot of races and religions in addition to being a gastronomical paradise, makes Malaysia – truly Asia . Malaysia is a shopper’s paradise with many Malls and the street vendors who enjoy a good bargain . It is less expensive than Singapore in this area.

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Awesome Australia!!
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The world’s sixth largest country Australia is a mixture of uniqueness and diversity.  It is the natural wonder land of beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters, amazing ancient rock formations and pristine rainforests. The famous harbors of Sydney, Canberra’s national attractions, Perth’s white beaches and Adelaide’s expansive parklands are not enough to holiday in Australia. There’s more and more …

The nation’s capital Canberra is a planned city and all season destination. Autumn brings hot air ballooning, live entertainment and hot breakfast. The colorful season of spring offer picturesque beds of flowers everywhere. Home for shopping sprees Canberra’s summer is a perfect time to getaway and visit the National parks and indulge in outdoor activities. 

The city for fashion lovers, sport seekers and foodies, Melbourne has it all and there is no time to sleep. Amazing hidden gothic laneways, opulent bars and exclusive restaurants gives Melbourne the panache to flaunt it all. Escape to Yarra Valley or St. Kilda for magical time – stopping experience. 

The vineyards and churches around Clare Valley, picturesque German village, native wildlife and pristine beaches is a complete holiday package for South Australia. At times it is also called the ‘Festival State’.  Adelaide the most lively city is spectacular in its’ own ways.  It brings you close to wildlife, museums, art galleries and rugged coastline.

Clare Valley is an emerging home for gourmet food and winery. Visit the art galleries and museums paying homage to the bygone era. Enjoy the cool summers and rainy winters which make Barossa ideal place for red wine production. Immerse yourself in Tanunda Heritage Trail exploring European heritage, church spiers and many more premium wineries like Chateau Tanunda and Peter Lehmann Wines.

Kangaroo Island boasts not just the native wildlife but also unspoilt white beaches, gourmet food, wines and true spirit of holiday. The island is a zoo without fences. Kangaroo are teamed with other koalas, short beaked echidnas and marine mammals like sea lions, whale etc.

The rugged majestic Flinder’s Range of South Australia is an ideal destination for hiking, trekking and mountain biking. The range further leads to Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary where one can discover the lost world of opals, fossils, national park and Aboriginal Arts. Cultural tour around Lake Eyre and Oodnadatta track is a perfect place for camping to experience the Aboriginal paintings and carvings at Chambers Gorge.

Red Centre of Australia reflects some spectacular colors at sunrise and sunset. Uluru and Kata Tjuta formerly known as The Olgas national parks are 40 kilometers away from each other. Experience the rocks on a motorcycle or camel ride or scenic helicopter flight.

Perth the westernmost capital city of Australia sits on the Swan River and framed around Indian Ocean beaches. Explore the wineries, caves, tall forests of Margaret River and outback landscape of Kimberley. The city life boasts shopping, vibrant nightlife and fine dining. Browse the boutiques in the city centre or catch the live music in Mount Lawley.

Immerse yourself in an exotic and thrilling adventures of Cairns. Great Barrier Reef is the World Heritage site which can be seen from the outer space. One can swim, snorkel, sail, and dive from Cairns to  Great Barrier Reef. The living masterpiece which stretches more than 2000 kilometers and the marine life, colorful coral and calm crystal blue water will surely make one jump in their wet suits for more than one time. 

Queensland’s capital Brisbane has the sunny sky, lush green park, iconic places to explore and scenic journeys throughout.. An ideal destination to wander around and visit art galleries and museums.  Enjoy the river cruise or kayak under the Story Bridge.

 Sydney is a perfect city to enjoy the outdoor and sparkling beaches. Experience the view of Sydney Opera House and kayak under the Sydney Harbour Bridge – an experience of its kind. Australia’s famous harbor city has a lot to offer like art and culture, fine dining and wine, nature and vibrant nightlife.  Surf at the beach or enjoy the calm waters of another, Sydney shelters secluded beaches and picturesque islands.

 With more than 15 World Heritage –listed wonders and over 500 national parks, discover the wetlands, waterfalls spot the whale and snorkel with brilliant fish in Great Barrier Reef. Step back in time and explore Daintree Rainforest. The essence of the country is diversity, deserts, coral reefs, tall forests and multicultural pot melting cities. Australia is heaven for nature loving tourists. 


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Definitely Dubai
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Dubai’s stunning skyline and ever changing coastline is a work of art. From the flight, one can witness unique aerial views of Duba’si most iconic landmarks including the Palm Jumeriah, The Burj Khalifa, The World’s Islands, Burj Al Arab and many more. A view remembered for a lifetime.


From the timeless tranquillity of the desert to the lively bustle of the gold souk, Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of attractions for visitors. With a wide spectrum of offerings ranging from souks to malls, deserts safaris to verdant golf courses, skating rink to dhow cruises, Dubai has something for everyone.

Hot Air Ballooning - The geography and climate of Dubai are ideal for viewing the mesmerizing desert from a hot air balloon. Feel the cool dawn air while you float a few metres above the red dunes. The hot air balloon experience will take you to new levels of appreciation and awe of the desert with its unique landscape. 

If one has the taste of speed, head for heights and enthusiasm for an unusual sport then strap on your skis and enjoy the descent down the steep of harmless sand dunes. Sand skiing is suitable for all ages and does not require any prior experience in skiing.

The cuisine has a cosmopolitan flavour - Iranian, Lebanese and Moroccan cuisines had great influence on the cuisine of Dubai. The specialities includes: wara enab, vine leaves stuffed with rice, Koussa mahshi, stuffed courgettes, hummus – a paste made of chickpeas and sesame seeds, Ghuzi, a whole roast lamb on the bed of rice mixed with nuts.    There are exquisite fine dining restaurants with the choicest gourmet food – should you need to celebrate a special occasion with your partner or family.

The thought of an aquarium and underwater zoo located in the mall can only be true in Dubai. A walk through 48 metre long Aquarium tunnel takes you 11 metres under the surface to catch a behind the scene glimpse of Aquarium Viewing panel. It is definitely in the list of Not To Be Missed activities.

Sunshine, shopping, dining and spas are some of the key ingredients that have earned Dubai a growing reputation as one of the world’s most attractive and rapidly developing leisure destinations.

Dubai is a paradise for devout shoppers, a dream come true for connoisseurs, a dream for families and a fantasy world for children. The month long extravaganza of the Dubai Shopping Festival is internationally acclaimed. The Dubai mall is a 12- million sq-ft shopper’s paradise offering more than 1200 retail outlets, more than 120 food and beverage outlets. 

A roller coaster ride across the treacherous sand dunes in powerful 4x4s. Hold on to your seatbelts while the expert driver slowly climbs the mountain of sand, accelerating suddenly at the top and takes a sharp dive down the dune cliff. Dangerous it may sound, but it’s an absolutely safe way to feel the adrenalin rush in your body. Usually this is followed by a scintillating belly dance performance in the desert and a sumptuous dinner. So, come on, get going and book that trip to Dubai for it is an all year destination and you don’t have to wait for the right time!!!

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Amazing Thailand
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Thailand offers culture, heritage, modern attractions, beaches and fun for everyone. The country’s strong Buddhist history depicting in major visitor attractions like Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Temple of Dawn are not to be missed while in Thailand.

Bangkok has more than gold - spired Buddhist temples. The climate controlled megamalls, slow moving river with long tail boats floating on it, streets filled with food carts and the restaurants overlooking the skyscrapers. A steamy, pulsating yet smiling metropolis of Thailand, Bangkok’s famous night life ritzy clubs or skyscraper’s rooftop is an experience on its own.

Pattaya – 2 hours drive away from Bangkok worth visiting for the activities, accommodation and night life it offers to the tourists. It is definitely a stay up late kind of town if one is interested in cabaret shows, shopping and street entertainment.  Water sports activity is also one of the reasons which draws tourist to Pattaya.

Phuket has diverse ethnic groups, culture, architectural influence and fine cuisine. These aspects have made Phuket a stopover destination for the tourists of all kinds. The beaches of Phuket are popular for their water sports activities like diving, snorkeling, sailing and wind surfing. It is colorful cosmopolitan attracting a lot of honeymooners, youngsters and surfers.

One of the most idyllic island retreats of Thailand lies in Koh Phi Phi. It is widely known as “Jewels of the Andaman Sea” and the ultimate secluded beach surrounded by towering limestone cliffs.  The water is rich in exotic marine life including docile leopard sharks.

Krabi is among the islands which seem erupted vertically out of the sea and only accessible by flight. The must see places are flourishing coral reef, exotic marine life, sea caves, wildlife sanctuary and hot springs. Krabi is also known for its sunsets and spectacular cloud lighting.

Keeping aside every attraction, Thai meal will definitely keep you hooked on to itself. The tropical abundance with a varied menu is usually built around four fundamental flavors: sweet, salt, spicy and sour. The celestial world of Thailand is colorful and full of ubiquitous spectacle. Gleaming temples, golden Buddhas frame with modern and rural landscape is truly amazing.

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Go Turkey!
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Turkey is a destination inspiring everyone through its rich history and cultural wealth. Rapidly modernizing, this country has one foot in Europe and the other in Middle East. The breathtaking natural beauty, historical monuments, archaeological sites and the ongoing tradition of hospitality has made Turkey a must visit destination. 

Istanbul - the city is the meeting point of two continents – Europe and Asia joined by the iconic Bosphorus Bridge. A Bosphorus cruise is a must do experience. Leisurely stroll around the streets, visit the souk or explore the historic monuments of Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Every activity would really enhance the holiday experience. The  magnificent  Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Byzantine cathedrals enhance the charisma of Istanbul.  

Cappadocia is equally enticing with enduring artifacts of geography and history. Visitors often meander through this rose hued valley exploring the chapels with beautiful frescoes depicting Christ and other saints.  If interested in outdoor activities like mountain biking, hot air ballooning or horse riding – Cappadocia is a real treat. One must stay in the luxury cave hotels and witness the prehistoric stories carved within. 

Kusadasi has stunning scenery, extraordinary history, archaeological marvels and natural wonders. Izmir hosts the oldest tradeshow – The Izmir International Fair which also brings a lot of musicals and festivities. By day, Kusadasi is an ideal destination for beach activity, water sports, boat trips and kite surfing. The nights are equally vibrant with live street shows, seaside restaurants and clubs.

Pamukalle has Turkey’s most spectacular wonders of nature. The Sacred Pool and more than 17 hot springs are located at the summit of Pamukalle Plateau are considered sacred and rich in minerals having healing properties. Denizli the area around Pamukalle is a dynamic centre for textile production. 

Overall, Turkey is a sun and sea lover’s paradise and the splendid sea, sandy beaches and cruising experience on turquoise water can be the highlight of one’s vacation in Turkey. Extraordinarily rich in history, the country had been the birthplace of many civilizations and legends. Turkish motifs  reflected on carpets, rugs and jewelry can be  perfect souvenirs for friends and family.  

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